Far more cost conscious than its competitors, offering monthly subscription


Clinically tested on 7-10-year-old children with dyslexia, no side effects, no harm


Simple to use at home, headset easily applied in 2 minutes, personalized neurofeedback


14-channel neurofeedback


It is the only mobile app in the market that applies neurofeedback from 14 channels in open-eyed resting position without any side effects or harm, personalized to each person, and improves brain performance. When you buy AutoTrainBrain, you help treating a dyslexic child who can not afford ATB for free.

  • Comfortably used at home

    • Enhancing conscious mindfulness

      • Positive cerebral development

  • Proven efficiency through clinical trials

    • Suitable for use by anyone, CE certified

      • Just 20 min. of daily use

Improves brain performance and cognition upon continuous usage

Can be used for improving autoimmune-related brain conditions (dyslexia, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer's, anxiety) and CP, MR

In what other areas is this headphone used?
Are any waves being sent to the brain with the headphone?
How do you apply neurofeedback activity?
Can people of all age groups use this product?
Is it the same application for everyone or does it vary individually?
How many times should we apply this training per week?
How long will this training take?
Although his/her intelligence is average or above average, your child or you may be in need of a special cognitive training programme.

How long does it take to deliver after the headphone has been ordered?
Does this product have a warranty?
Do you provide support for the installation and usage phases?
How long does its effect last?
In which areas has it been observed to be most effective?
Does your product have any side effects?
Is your method approved by the health ministry?
It reaches you in 20-25 days after the order is placed.


Reports as well as application are available

When you buy AutoTrainBrain, you will be subscribed to the reports as well. If you are a customer, you can reach our web reports!



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