About Us

We improve the cognitive abilities of dyslexic children with a mobile application and an EEG headset at home.
Auto Train Brain is a mobile application on Android and iOS platforms that uses neurofeedback and multi-sensory learning wherever you are. It is a non-invasive solution, offers continuous improvement for children without any side effects. It takes only 30 minutes/per session, three times a week. Clinicians and families can view the activity reports online remotely and follow-up with the patients in the long term. ATB is a patented and clinically proven solution.

Our competitive advantage is our algorithm and AI-based suggestions. It provides real-time, personalised neurofeedback and multisensory learning from 5 channels or 14 channels. More channels, better therapy performance for dyslexia. Auto Train Brain reduces the disconnection syndrome,
improves brain maturation, and reduces the effect of inflammation. It improves phonemic awareness, spelling, and reading comprehension
of people with dyslexia. We have completed our clinical trials on dyslexia in 2019 and published peer-reviewed articles. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485; the headset has standard CE. The software and its user manuals are in English.

Founded: August 23, 2017

Günet Eroğlu, Co-founder, CEO

Jak Kohen Kasar, Co-founder, CMO